Hundreds of hotels in the UK fail hygiene regulations

hygiene stanardsWe’re all familiar with some of television’s ‘kitchen nightmares’, but how do you know if the place you’re spending you’re holidays and business trips aren’t doing the same thing?

Inspectors have found seafood past it’s expiry date and food stored without temperature controlled, and therefore hundreds of UK hotels have failed inspection.

Overall, 652 hotels, guesthouses and B&B’ss failed their latest food hygiene and safety inspections for many different reasons including raw meat stored next to sauces without temperature controls.

Included in this, 19 hotels literally scored zero on the rating, the absolute lowest possible score.

We can’t help them solve all their issues, but the use of the correct cleaning products, or even bringing in professional cleaners, can go a long way to improving general standards.

One of these hotels was a five-star hotel in London, and the four-star hotel in Birmingham, both scoring 2 on the food rating, with high risk food uncontrolled by temperatures being reported.

If an institution obtains a zero grade, it ‘urgently requires improvement. A grade from zero to two means the establishment has failed, and three to five is satisfactory. It is mandatory for food establishments to display their ratings publicly in Wales since November 2013, and was introduced to Northern Ireland on the 7th October.

Many people are backing the argument that businesses should be forced to display their food hygiene ratings, preferably on stickers on the door.

Studies show that if places were forced to do this, 73% of people would turn away from an establishment displaying a score of 2 or less.

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